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reasons to avoid hysterectomy

12 Reasons Not to Have a Hysterectomy

Unfortunately, conventional medicine has, so far, not figured out how to cure the debilitating symptoms of adenomyosis. So their only solution is to remove the organ where the symptoms occur. But because endometriosis and adenomyosis should be considered the same disease, nothing has actually been cured. Hysterectomy is often prescribed for endometriosis, too—which doesn’t make […]

Heather Jacobsen 
Is there a really a difference between adenomyosis and endometriosis?

Is There Really a Difference Between Adenomyosis and Endometriosis?

Even though endometriosis and adenomyosis are considered distinct from one another in the medical literature and our doctors’ offices, both diseases share the same definition: the presence of endometrial tissue in places other than the endometrium. In the case of endo, this occurs outside the uterus, “most commonly within the lower abdomen and pelvis.”1 In […]

Heather Jacobsen 
Is Endometriosis and Autoimmune Disorder. Image by Christopher Bucklow

Is Endometriosis an Autoimmune Disease?

Way back, as early as 1987, researchers observed that a large percentage of endometriosis patients had “abnormal polyclonal B cell activation”, “a classic characteristic of autoimmune disease.”1 Similarly, B-cell-derived autoantibodies were detected in adenomyosis patients a few years later.2 More recently, HLA-G, a gene prevalent in several autoimmune diseases,3 was found in a significant number […]

Heather Jacobsen 
Handbook of Natural Endometriosis and Adenomyosis Treatment

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After years of research, personal experience, and the anecdotal stories of woman after woman, I am compiling this handbook to help you reverse the symptoms of endometriosis and adenomyosis without surgery or hormones

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