To their astonishment the endo was not to be found and I was told I didn’t have it anymore

byHeather Jacobsen June 20, 2022 Comments0

In 2009 I was diagnosed with stage 4 Endometriosis after over 10 years of complaining. I was told that it was quite advanced and that it was unlikely I would have a pregnancy. I took another doctor and they said they could excise the endo and help. That surgery was eventful as there was an accident with other organs and the endo was left in situ and me in intensive care. I was told then that I also had adenomyosis. That was my 3rd lap which turned to a laparotomy and at this point my faith in the medical approach was too thin to rely on their help.

That’s when I started to look more into holistic healing, I was just fed up of being on opiates and still in ridiculous amounts of pain, constipation, anxiety, depression, weakness and drowsiness. I had started to eat cleaner but I went really strict avoiding anything that gave me a flare up. I was basically on fruits and veg and grains! I also started to cleanse my gut, and took therapy for the stress related to being undiagnosed for so many years and the impact it had took on my mental and emotional health and life in general. (I missed the last of my teens and most of my twenties hostage by endo, but not believed).

It was time to work on myself. My self-care regime was on a different level. I was unable to work for years and on state benefits, but every penny I had I invested in myself with massages, quality foods, saunas, steaming, body detox womb detox and colon detoxes, I really gave myself everything I could. I removed myself from toxic people, situations, environments. I made so many changes and cut out processed foods and chemical products, changed my cookware, hair care, body care, home cleaning regime everything. A year after my failed endo surgery I was called in for my excision again. To their astonishment the endo was not to be found and I was told I didn’t have it anymore. I was confused as I was still in need of the strong opiates. When asking how, they claimed it was a miracle. But I know it was down to all the effort I had put in over the last 12 months to recover and restore myself.

Strangely I was still in pain for many years and I was told that my nerves had been damaged and I would just need to deal with the pain memory. I continued the holistic healing and in 2016, 4 years after I was told I didn’t have it anymore – I was absolutely pain free, I learnt to drive and started my business I got my life back together, I have a family I am mother, there was a big chunk missing but I am grateful for what I have learnt through my ordeal and now can share with others; HOPE because it really is possible. At first I thought this was a special miracle from God just for me. Until I started offering these services and coaching to others and it really works.

The more persistent and consistent, the quicker the results are, a lot of people give up. For me from diagnosis it took 7 years to be pain free. Over 17 years of my life to that disease it was a blessing in disguise but at the time sure didn’t feel like that. Natural healing really does work for endometriosis and adenomyosis.


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