Conventional doctors were useless

byHeather Jacobsen May 12, 2022 Comments0

Dealing with 8 autoimmune/chronic conditions, all conventional doctors were useless with their symptom management pills. Dealing with the disease like adenomyosis ruined my quality of life. I had labor pains and extreme bleeding. Birth control was not a fix and the IUD made me have constant pain, weight gain and miserable. It also dislodged twice. Later to find out I was probably allergic to copper. Doctors don’t do THOROUGH hormone testing and once I realized I deserved better care, a higher quality of life and wouldn’t settle for less, I began my natural treatment journey for all of my autoimmune problems.

With adenomyosis I researched different root causes, joined groups like NEAT, tried multiple remedies and some worked, some didn’t. It was when I combined multiple and focused on root cause healing is what made the difference. I can now go hiking ON my period, hardly bleed, know when I’ll get my period each month and am in tune with my bodies needs. All of my specialist doctors say I’m the healthiest patient they have and have even suggested my remedies I’ve learned to their patients. I learned thyroid issues (which were originally denied by my doctors), pelvic floor dysfunction, cortisol issues, and embedded bacteria were the root causes. I have my life back because I stopped listening to doctors who don’t treat disease from a symptom management perspective and started listening to practitioners who work with you to find root causes.

I can’t thank NEAT enough for providing information and allowing me to take control of my future.