You’ve read my story. You’ve seen my research. Now hear the stories of other women with endometriosis and/or adenomyosis, many from our Facebook Group, who’ve also found relief. Natural treatments do work!

Natural treatments do work

I’ve been taking DIM, calcium d glucarate, and vitex chasteberry for about 1 1/2 years. These supplements have helped to balance my hormones so that I’m no longer bleeding excessively each month during my period. Natural treatments do work. Thank you to the NEAT (natural endometriosis and adenomyosis treatment) Facebook group for supporting me on this journey. I believe these natural treatments may prevent me… Read more “Natural treatments do work”

Tucson, AZ

Conventional doctors were useless

Dealing with 8 autoimmune/chronic conditions, all conventional doctors were useless with their symptom management pills. Dealing with the disease like adenomyosis ruined my quality of life. I had labor pains and extreme bleeding. Birth control was not a fix and the IUD made me have constant pain, weight gain and miserable. It also dislodged twice. Later to find out I was probably allergic to copper.… Read more “Conventional doctors were useless”

Buffalo, NY

Stress management is also key

You CAN alleviate your symptoms of adenomyosis the natural way. I am living proof. I have gone all natural from my diet to my cosmetics and it has made a world of difference in my pain. Stress management is also… Read more “Stress management is also key”

Birnamwood, WI

Minimal pain without medication or birth control

I managed to get to a place of minimal pain without medication or birth control. It was a long haul–I spent 9 about months intermittent fasting and eating almost nothing, to heal my gut. I was taking Estro Cort, Gut Defender Cort Eaze, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Zinc, evening primrose oil and vitamin b 100 complex. I stuck to a very strict diet of bland foods… Read more “Minimal pain without medication or birth control”

Loveland, CO

I knew there had to be another way

After getting diagnosed aged 21 with crippling endometriosis, being told I could have no more laparoscopies due to scar tissue and my only option was to consider a hysterectomy, I knew there had to be another way. I fell down a rabbit hole researching natural interventions and how gut health, diet, stress levels and the overloading of my body with day to day toxins was… Read more “I knew there had to be another way”

Manchester, UK

To their astonishment the endo was not to be found and I was told I didn’t have it anymore

In 2009 I was diagnosed with stage 4 Endometriosis after over 10 years of complaining. I was told that it was quite advanced and that it was unlikely I would have a pregnancy. I took another doctor and they said they could excise the endo and help. That surgery was eventful as there was an accident with other organs and the endo was left in… Read more “To their astonishment the endo was not to be found and I was told I didn’t have it anymore”